Drafting Missions & Story

Hey all! I'm back with some more progress on the game... Title Screen Update First of all, there's a new title screen (and also a developer logo I'll be showing off another day)! There are a few nice things about this title screen: The leader in the front is different every time. It can be … Continue reading Drafting Missions & Story

The Small Stats and Timeline

These last few changes are being done to make sure better gameplay in battle thanks to the new timeline, and from now on, the main thing I'll be working on are mission design: level design, story, enemy encounters, balancing... The main game's content, essentially. New Timeline & Speed System The big change is the new … Continue reading The Small Stats and Timeline

Equip Flowers!

Wow, it's been a while! Three months! (And more for those checking the devlog through forums like Haxeflixel and TIGsource, I forgot to update them!) Real life intervenes in very harsh ways, but hopefully I'll be able to resume work on the game in a steady fashion, most notably on the content aspect. One mechanic … Continue reading Equip Flowers!

Mastery and Turn-Based Combat

Indroducing a new mastery system for titles, a rank system for party members, and a big change to the turn system in Hegemone Pass, more akin to Persona now! Turn-Based Combat Update Before this update, the game was still on a simple turn-based system, where each character decides their actions at the start of the turn, and the … Continue reading Mastery and Turn-Based Combat

Challenge Gates! Locked Doors and Powers!

Hello! A few things were done since my last post, all related to the exploration parts of the game. Locked Doors & Keys Originally, there were keys in the game. However, they served no purpose gameplay-wise, except for the fact that certain missions had the objective of finding them all to clear the mission. I'm … Continue reading Challenge Gates! Locked Doors and Powers!

Iterations of the enemy spawners

Hello! Last time, there was a small part about an Enemy Spawner rework that occurred during development. But did you know that there were a few more iterations of the system? At the time of writing, the enemy spawner got it's (hopefully) final iteration (though bugs are still possible), so I would like to go … Continue reading Iterations of the enemy spawners

Intermission reworks, start of content development!

Long time no see! First of all, I am terribly sorry for not having posted anything formal on the website. I had a two month period where I had a lot of real-life work to do, and the rest of the time during this silence was doing a lot of backend, such as bug fixing, … Continue reading Intermission reworks, start of content development!

Database Editor, PR, and more updates!

Hey, it’s time for an update! I’m not going to focus on the gameplay today, but more on several back ends and what was going on this past month. It might be rambling a bit. DATABASE EDITOR The first major thing to note is that my brother’s database editor works! Creating techniques, missions, enemies, titles, … Continue reading Database Editor, PR, and more updates!

New Obstacle: Leader Lock Zones

I'm trying out something new this week. If it doesn't seem to work out, I'll return to somewhat regular weekly updates. In this format, I focus on a single feature at a time, with updates not always on Saturday. When you explore the missions of Hegemone Pass, you'll be interacting with a few gimmicks in the world … Continue reading New Obstacle: Leader Lock Zones

Memo, the God of Memory, appears!

Meet Memo! God of Memory! The only person in the Underworld who's willing to give Persephone a hand... for a price. He’s the one who initially helped out Persephone before her three knights came to the rescue. Memo is a freelancer and is in for the Pleuros, as at the time that Persephone was being … Continue reading Memo, the God of Memory, appears!