Stealth JRPG

Getting spotted will make your battles ahead harder. Approach enemy encounters like a stealth game for more EXP… or go all in and face the music. You might make Demeter give up in frustration.

Become a Leader

Both allies and foes have a leader: eliminate them to win! These leaders are strong, as they manifest their title, empowering allies or oppressing foes with stat changes, resistances and a special effect. Switch WHO is the Leader with the Hegemone Pass!

Contest Battles

Eliminate enemy turns or take advantage of the weak to eliminate the strong: when an ally or foe are meant to act at the same time, the battle becomes Contested! Only those two can act now, indefinitely, until either one hits each other, or are moved out of the area.

An Underworld Story

Follow the story of Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld who lost her title after the Underworld got attacked by her mother Demeter’s army, the Eleusinian Mysteries. Filled with many cutscenes and several unique characters, you’ll finally explore the never before seen locations of the Greek Underworld.


Progress on the game and other things shall appear here!