I’ve taken another six months in the Underworld to work carefully on various things for the game’s “first” official public appearance, and have now risen back in Summer to give the spoils (but it should have been in Spring according to the myth!).

Announcement Trailer

Look at that! The first trailer of the game! A bit of a quick look of the game, it’s story, etc… There were about 3 different versions of the trailer before I settled on this version.

Due to some problems, we had to part with our composer (on good terms), so I decided to use classical music: it’s the Violin Concerto in F minor, RV 297 ‘Winter’ (Vivaldi). If you want, you can download the public domain track here (last music track).

A New Website

After a few theme changes, the website finally has a theme that can support a “product-like” front page, and looks pretty nice, too! It’s perfectly adapted for desktop and mobile, too! Look at that header! The theme has a nice parallax effect included (but it is only two layers…).

I would have commissioned an artist to do the artwork, but I’m pretty short on cash. So instead, I decided to make the most of my character sprites, and I think it turned out well enough!

And… a demo?!

That’s a nice surprise!

Coming soon, you’ll be able to play a demo of the game, featuring two missions. These missions do not have cutscenes, but they do feature gameplay: battles, platforming, treasure, equipment… Pretty much everything in typical play.

Most important: you can register to download it earlier! Before I want to officially release it, I want to make sure I iron out undiscovered bugs, and collect feedback on certain aspects of the game, such as tutorials, physics and such.


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