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To everyone who backed us on Kickstarter, thank you so much for your support! It’s great that many of you have pledged to help us finish the game, and we at least reached a 1000€ milestone! It did fail however, and it’s mostly my fault. With the failure of the Kickstarter, I’m pretty sure there’s a core fundamental problem with the game. Be it mechanics, story, gameplay feel… something about the game isn’t clicking. With you and with us.

Nothing about the game is there to “sell” itself from the rest of the crowd, even less to the crowd itself.

It’s not the end of the road, however. It’s an excellent time to take a big step back, look at every single mechanic, story element, visual element, and reassess.

First thing’s first, demos will be relabelled as OLD, from the main website, itch.io and indieDB, and the demo will be hidden from the website for the time being.

The core of the game’s going to be radically different from now.

There are quite a few things that’ll be changing about the game. Be it story, gameplay, character designs… Anything that was seen as fundamentally part of Hegemone Pass’ identity can and will most likely be changed.

As a sneak peak…

Persephone’s is probably the character that needed an updated design the most: she’s been unchanged for a long time. And with the story premise being altered, she’ll be playable in battle!

A major fundamental elements advertised about the game, Leaders and titles are both getting the axe. It’s pretty clear that these systems are either too confusing (leader titles and status), or badly implemented/pointless (stealth). This also means that there is no more leader switching mechanics, meaning the Hegemone Pass and Auxo Pass will no longer be part of the game.

With so many changes to the game, it can be considered an entirely different game. And it is. At the core, however, it is still a turn-based JRPG. Here’s some hints about the game’s upcoming revision (just remember, everything is subject to change. Everything!):

  • Missions will be made of a multitude of “objectives”, as well as a side-objective, instead of reaching a goal door or a boss door.
  • Fog Of War, showcasing where you went and where you didn’t go yet.
  • Less random encounters, but tactically placed encounters instead. Proximity based enemy reinforcements is still planned for this version to some capacity.
  • Battles keep “a” timeline, but it’s returning to a “choose everyone’s action first then watch” model.
  • Contested is being looked at, high chance of modifying it for the new system.
  • You cannot switch characters on the field anymore.
  • Your party is more important than ever, as they have unique abilities you’ll need to use to clear obstacles. However, these obstacles aren’t the same as before.
  • In battle, allies and foes instead of running, jump straight in front of their target. They’re a bit like ninjas now.
  • The story isn’t going to revolve around Demeter being evil. In this version of the story, the myth reaches it’s actual conclusion, where Persephone returns to the surface every 6 months.
  • Story amount will be lightened per mission.
  • Story however does shape the progression of the current mission, giving new objectives with different criterias.
  • Missions are planned to be shorter in length.
  • The Speed stat is now a fixed amount that can’t change for each party member.
  • Flowers are getting the axe. Not many seemed to know about it’s existence.
  • Titles, while leaders got axed, are becoming a passive equipment. No leader requirement, they essentially become like a sort of class system. However, titles per character are getting severely reduced. These act like LEADER type titles from before, except all your party members have one active at the same time.
  • Native resistances are returning to party members and foes. Foes are also getting passives.
  • Persephone will be the most customizable party member out of your party.
  • SP is different, and foes are getting limited by their own team SP.
  • Some inspirations for the new version are Warcraft 3 and Heroes of the Storm. No, it’s not an RTS!…
The UI’s actually done, but right now, I’m messing a lot of things in the battle code, making it impossible to compile. Here’s a twitter pic from yesterday instead. The fog of war is also blurrier in the current build, instead of harsh.

Also… expect a lot of party members this time around. Okay, don’t expect all of them to be like Yvonne/Ethan/Emilie. Many of them are planned to be temporary. Why’s that? You’ll see! (And no, it’s not a gacha-style system!)

On the subject of the Kickstarter, will there be a second run? I’m not sure. The most important aspect is to get the new system in place for the game, let a newer demo out, and see how it goes from there. We probably rushed the Kickstarter out merely a week after demo 0.9 went live, and didn’t get validation for any of the console versions yet (which might have been a reason people held off, among other things like the truck load of 15fps gifs). Let’s see how things turn out and decide from there.

Should we look for publishers? Perhaps. It will certainly help with getting the word out there, as long as they are reputable, as being associated with a larger company can help. Without any real data, my theory about the audience who backed the game on Kickstarter are mostly those who just want to play the game, rather than get digital freebies/insert your creation in the game… (Unless you guys wanted some physical rewards?) But, we’ll get this newer version done before we start contacting publishers.

We’ll be working on the game as per usual, although we won’t be able to work with Paradoxigent for the music without some sort of funding (be it a second Kickstarter or a publisher). IRL Work will also take some of our time, but we’ll try to get the newer version of the game released ASAP… when it’s done.

As it might take time, don’t expect too much news for a small while. I’ll be posting on twitter and instagram pictures of my progress.

We’re not finished with the game yet, and we’ll continue to work on it until it’s done. I hope you guys will stick around to see that day come!

(Important: You want to help with some suggestions? Tell us your ideas! Tweet us on twitter, or send us an email through the Contact page!)

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