Persephone ¤ Fallen Queen, and Hegemone

A young and innocent goddess, she is the daughter of the Goddess of the Harvest, Demeter. Having always been under Demeter’s watchful eye, she falls in love one day with Hades, King of the Underworld. Choosing to become his wife, she goes on to live, as his Queen, in the Underworld.

She becomes the Hegemone of Yvonne, Ethan and Emilie; she can then power their titles to change the tide of battle.


Yvonne ¤ Servant of Persephone

The soul of a “respectable” human girl, and the servant of Persephone. She is always by the side of her mistress, regardless of the danger they go through. And yet, she hasn’t always been this helpful in her past life…

Yvonne focuses on physical power and has the highest HP in the party. However, this sturdy fighter does not do as well with magic.


Ethan ¤ Farm Boy

An intelligent farm boy, and Emilie’s brother. They own a field of crops from which they sell to his village. Yet, an unfortunate discovery has led to his sister getting killed. He has dared to venture into the Underworld in the hopes of rescuing her.

Ethan is a powerful magic user, and can take magic attacks easily. Unfortunately, he is quite vulnerable to physical attacks.


Emilie ¤ Heroine of the Light

A quick and nimble farm girl and Ethan’s sister. Even when her crops started to wither, she soldiered on. When she learned of the death of her brother and her entire village, she joined the Eleusinian Mysteries to defeat Hades and save her brother.

Emilie is the fastest of the trio, and is good in both physical and magical offence. She is not sturdy however.


Hades ¤ King of the Underworld

The Ruler of the Underworld, and beloved husband of Persephone. His love for his wife knows no bounds and wants her to be a wonderful Queen and to flourish in her role. His subjects, who deeply respect and fear him, submit to his rule. And yet, souls are relatively easy to control…



Demeter ¤ Goddess of the Harvest… and now Queen of the Underworld

Persephone’s mother, she has been shaken to the core by her daughter’s kidnapping. Now recognizing the injustice Hades has inflicted on her, as well as the people separated from their loved ones dying everyday, she decides to fight back.

The leader of the Eleusinian Mysteries: a group of individuals who rebel against Hades and his “totalitarian” rule. Their first goal is to topple the King of the Underworld in order to liberate all the souls under his control. And then… Death will never separate anyone ever again…


Triptolemus ¤ Champion of the Eleusinian Mysteries

A warrior who fought for his country. Currently, he is the champion of Demeter, and he gives direct orders to the Eleusinian Mysteries, after receiving guidance from Demeter. Reuniting all the souls separated from Hades is his primary goal.



Polyxenia ¤ Powerhungry Wizard

A powerful wizard who had been persecuted by her own village. No one really knows what led her to where she is now, helping Demeter. But sometimes the stories of some are best left untold… until the time is right.



Eubelion ¤ Fallen Prince

The fallen crown prince of a powerful kingdom, who was supposed to succeed to the throne, but his life was taken away by one of his younger siblings, who in their hubris ran the country down in flames. His pride wounded, he vows to take revenge upon his sibling and rebuild the kingdom by earning his right to return to the land of the living.



Memo ¤ God of Memory

He is the master of the Save Room: a room where people who pay a large sum can write down their story directly to Memo for it to be remembered for eternity. His creation, the “Memopedia”, is a complex encyclopedia that has loads of information contained within it… provided Persephone goes and collects that information. He also seems to be seeking a lot of money…


Anteros ¤ Goddess of Unrequited Love

Ruler of the Love Heart Valley, one of the many realms of the Underworld. She takes on several different odd jobs in between her duties, including service at a restaurant, Les Enfers. Beneath her cute exterior lies some guilt…