Please note, this demo is an older reflection of the game. We’re back to the drawing board on many gameplay aspects of the game, including the stealth, titles, leaders and more. For more information, see this post.


Current demo version: 1.21

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Notice (if using Windows): The game is distributed in a zip, and does not come in an installer. As a result, you may be faced with a SmartScreen message. To open the game, simply select more details, and press the run anyway button that appears afterwards.


  • Re-adjusted the colouring of the dark Asphodel Meadows.
  • Fixed a bug where the flowers in the flower equipment screen would be not visible.
  • Some level tweaks.
  • Fixed a crash regarding the Sync-Telepathy and no music.



  • Hiding Spots: Miasma hiding spots will now appear here and there. Standing in one makes you invisible to foes, and not collide with them… you can still hit them with your weapon though! By walking out of it, there’s a half second window where you’re still invisible.
  • Miasma Swift: By pressing X, you’ll pause the world, and a reticle will appear. Two different functionalities based on the mode selected:
    • TELEPORT MODE: In this mode, select an area you wish to go and you’ll be teleported that short distance, miasma fills the location for a brief moment.
    • STEALTH MODE: In this mode, select an area, and the path will be filled with miasma that lasts a long time. No teleports, however.
  • This short distance will be filled with temporary miasma, making you invisible in that location. This will blink then expire, unlike the Hiding Spots.
  • This uses a new ressource, Miasma. Miasma is refilled by eliminating foes, over time, collecting soul pieces. The distance it can go depends on the amount of ressources. Hiding mode uses less ressources than Teleport mode.
  • Vision Fields: Enemies line of sight are now visualized, although they are discrete. If an enemy spots something, the color of the vision will be Yellow.


  • The default game resolution has been increased from 384*216 to 512*288.
  • As a result, the area of the game you can see has been increased.
  • Many UI elements aren’t going to scale properly. Please bare with us as we finish finding the remaining issues.
  • Good side-effect: the background flicker that occurs on load… seems to have dissapeared.


  • Added visual enhancements to the game overall.
  • The Asphodel Meadows tileset has been brightened up.
  • OpenFL and Lime frameworks updated. If the game couldn’t boot up for you, try now and see if it works.
  • A loading icon now shows up in the Loading screen once more.


  • Enemy titles have gotten a small buff in general, they should be harder in the Hunt phases.
  • SP is regenerated at the start of a battle now (previously, only a new turn would regenerate SP).


  • Added a feedback button on the main menu, so that people can finally pay visit to the form…
  • When collecting an item/flower for the first time, a item showcase appears on screen.


  • Updated the level to add some hiding spots.
  • Layout updated to accommodate for the Teleport feature of the Miasma Swift, both to prevent select usages of it, but also to add bonuses for using it.


  • Added movement arrows in the timeline when using an action that can move the target.


  • Altered the method enemies chase you during a Hunt.
  • If you’re spotted by another foe during a Hunt, others nearby will know of your last location.
  • Other enemies, when spotting you during a Hunt, will correctly show an ! bubble now.
  • Enemies should be able to walk down steep slopes properly now.
  • (They’ll improve over time. They are rookies to the industry and sometimes don’t fully grasp how “pathing” and “finite state machines” work.)


  • Added a tiny frustration bar in the alert UI: when it’s full, Hubris alert will begin. The bar only shows up during Hunted & Tension, it dissapears any other time.
  • Hubris activates at the end of a battle if the enemy leader has been defeated with a fully charged bar. If it’s not 100%, it will not start Hubris.
  • Reduced the requirements to obtain the Hubris alert state.
  • To compensate, the frustration decay has been increased: not doing anything will quickly make you lose hubris progress.
  • As a result, Hubris is mostly going to happen during Tension and Hunted, rather than Safe. Safe builds Frustration in bursts, but the stealth required to stay Safe takes time, and thus, decays before you can chain it.
  • Fixed Hubris’ starting value breaking the UI layout.


  • Updated the presentation of running away and failing to run away.
  • Minimum odds for running away during a Hunt increased to 15% success odds.
  • Odds of success in running away during the Hunt show up.
  • Running away during Safe and Hunted now at 100% success. However,
  • When running away during Safe, Tension will begin.
  • When running away during Tension, Hunted will begin.
  • When successfully running away during Hunted, Hunted will be restored to 100% if it isn’t already.
  • A prompt asking you if you are sure about running away shows up.


  • The camera now comes into the battle. Subtle, and was in 1.1, but I forgot to mention it I think.


  • Removed the background stars.
  • Removed the random jitter effect on the two speakers.


  • Fixed a 1 pixel gap appearing in the title screen background’s grass.
  • Re-enabled the blur on the title screen.
  • Fixed a visual bug where the movement information of the first technique always showed up, even when said technique can’t move the target.
  • The status ailments icon for your character should now appear under the HP bar, and should be visible at all times now.
  • Fixed Persephone’s miasma showing up a second time outside of the cutscene boundaries.


  • The map is no longer on the X Button, as Miasma Swift has taken it’s place instead.
  • Instead, it is now located inside the Pause Menu. This might be very unpractical, so we are thinking about the controller layout at the moment for it.


  • Added slots for Spanish and Japanese translations. Other than a few little lines translated by machine, nothing has been translated, and is there only to test some character symbols, see if it would be doable in the future.
  • If you want to try writing a translation, jump into the game’s folder, into assets/locales/, find the folder corresponding to your language, and open the tsv files and edit them to your heart’s content.
  • A good starting place is general_words.tsv. For cutscenes, you’ll find them in the cutscenes folder (only cutscenes starting with the word Demo are used in this demo, the rest are old cutscenes). For Sync-Telepathies, it’s in the telepathy folder.
  • …or you can throw any words into any of the actors with this. Have fun and throw your silliest pictures on twitter! I might show them off.
  • Technical Info: Since the text uses a bitmap font, we need to manually add the glyphs in the game. If you’re good at Spanish/Japanese and you notice some glyphs are missing, that’s because we didn’t add them. Tell us any glyph that need to be added and we’ll keep it in mind to add later on.

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