Hegemone Pass will receive an early demo to get some initial testing of the demo among a small group before it releases to the public (through download and maybe a booth). This is a small, limited test, and if too many register, we will have to close off the registration earlier than planned.

If you wish to register for this early demo when it releases, input your email address through this form. You’ll receive a download link when the time is right.

Please remember this is for feedback purposes only: if you don’t send feedback afterwards (through the contact page or other means), we won’t be able to guess the problems you might have with the demo. Positive or negative, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your interest. If you’ve registered for the preview, we’ll be sending you an email containing the demo soon. If you didn’t register but still want to test it out, send us a mail at event[AT]hegemonepass.com