Binding two gameplay styles together is the game’s central mechanic: the leader system.

Everything in the game is centered around the ability of determining and switching around the status of “leader” between party members, between foes, and using the benefits of this status to your advantage.

Leaders work in unique ways, while platforming, and while in battle.

Battle: Leader’s Title

Persephone, the main character, is not in the fight directly: she’s the team’s Hegemone, meaning a god who confers their blessings to their “leader” to activate their own honorary title and empowering allies or oppressing foes, depending on the title.

A title alters:

  • Stats: adding or subtracting stat points to defined stats. The game uses low number stats, so these small looking numbers are possibly huge boosts.
  • Elemental Resistances: altering the damage output of foes who’ll attack the affected: with x1/2 dealing half damage and x2 being a weakness, alongside other kinds of resistances.
  • Special Effect: permanently affecting the affected group. Various kinds of effects exist: from dealing regular damage before acting to effects with unique requirements to meet for great payoffs.

The effects of a title cannot be removed by normal means: they are always active as long as the title’s owner is still leader. As soon as the owner loses their leader status, the title stops being active, and the new leader’s title goes in effect.

And the title has a type, which determines who is affected by the title… and generally how that title alters the targets:

  • TEAM: affecting allies of the leader and themselves with nice boosts, resistances and a special effect.
  • LEADER: only affecting the leader, but gives much better boosts, resistances and special effect than the TEAM title.
  • FEAR: affecting the leader’s foes and their leader with stat reductions and a harmful special effect, but can’t affect resistances.
  • TARGET: only affecting the enemy leader, crippling them with heavy stat reductions and a nasty special effect. It too cannot alter resistances.

To change leaders in battle, you can use the “Hegemone” option in battle, allowing you to select your new leader with the titular move, the Hegemone Pass. This can be done with any party member (even if they are not leader), and will not waste your turn!

On the other hand, the Auxo Pass, allows you to force the enemy team’s leader to switch to your designated target: allowing you to change their title in effect to your advantage, or to land a quick victory by moving their leader status to their weak ally.

But be careful, your enemies are capable of using both the Hegemone Pass and the Auxo Pass, among other techniques..

Explore: Leader’s Moves

On the field, Persephone won’t be able to traverse the obstacles on her own. Again, the key is to switch the leader status from one party member to another, to use their special abilities to clear the obstacles ahead… but each one won’t be able to clear all obstacles, so you’ll need to switch your current leader often! Once again, Persephone is not the one to platform directly. However, unlike in battles, titles do not play a role while platforming (for the most part).

The game is divided into missions, with each mission containing a level which contains various foes, obstacles, treasures, bosses, and even challenge battles, advancing your march to reclaim your title.

Switching leaders on the field is done instantly, by using the two designated buttons to switch your leader around. Each party member has their own unique properties alongside their unique actions, and you will need to switch your leader around to get around the level. For example:

  • Yvonne: The powerhouse of your team, she can break rocks and land first strikes more easily.
  • Ethan: With his magic bunny helmet, he can glide in the air to cross large gaps or descend slowly and excels in traversing water/lava.
  • Emilie: Her training shows with her great running speed, and the ability to crawl in tight spots.

Check this page later on, we’ll be updating the page with more information on more of the various aspects of the game, such as the flower system, challenge battles, and more!