Hegemone Pass is an odd mixture of three different genres: Japanese-style RPGs, Platformers, and Stealth Games! We like to call this a Stealth JRPG, a first for the JRPG genre. All of these gameplay styles are held together by the Leader System, otherwise known as Hegemone.


Hegemone Pass uses a mission-based gameplay progression. Each mission has its own unique 2D level, filled with roaming enemies, sneaky traps, interesting puzzles, rewarding treasures, and more! Most missions task you with reaching the goal, but others might add a spin to it, such as a time limit, item hunting, etc…

One the field, you get to switch the leader between Yvonne, Ethan and Emilie. When they are leader, they can use special abilities to cross various obstacles! Also don’t forget to find the treasure chests for great items, collect soul pieces for 1UPs, and other nice things that you can find during exploration!

But remember, this is an RPG! The enemies on the field are turn based battles waiting to begin… It’s time to attack those enemy encounters on the field!… No, wait! It spotted you! Don’t let it get away!


Enemies on the field mustn’t see you! If they do, they run to pray for help from their goddess, Demeter! And when that happens, she channels more of her energy to enemies around you. Once that happens, the Hunt begins!Now, every soul of the Underworld around you will chase you as far as they can go! Enemies might be at their home one minute… and once they hear Demeter calling for help, they’ll barge out!

Get caught by a foe, and ANY additional foes near you will jump into that fight! More enemies will appear in battle! Reinforcement waves! The more enemies, the scarier!

RPG Battling


Battles are turn-based, where each actor gets to act when the yellow bar on the timeline reaches them. The yellow bar goes from left to right, and when it reaches the end, it reappears back at the left, the start of a new turn! Your goal in battle is not simply to eliminate all foes, it is to eliminate the enemy leader!

Defeat their leader, and the rest of the enemy team will run away!But it goes both ways, if your leader gets knocked out, it’s game over. But if you lose, don’t give up!

If you’re carrying a 1UP, you’ll be revived! In addition, once per battle, your leader will always endure a fatal hit! Of course, if you want a challenge, it gets disabled on the highest difficulty.Defeating their leader might not always be easy: they are the one using their leader title, thanks to the power of their Hegemone, Demeter!


These titles alter stats, resistances to different elements, and grant a special passive effect when used. The titles are empowered by you, Persephone, whose role as Hegemone is to activate the hidden power of the leader, their title, so that they may lead the team to victory!

These titles are equipped by every person in battle, and there are four styles of titles.

  • TEAM Titles: They empower the user’s team!
  • LEADER Titles: They greatly empower the leader! (but their allies aren’t affected)
  • FEAR Titles: The opposing party is weakened!
  • TARGET Titles: The opposing leader is greatly weakened!

If an enemy is trying to eliminate your leader, you can switch your leader with the Hegemone Pass! A new leader is then chosen, and their title will now take effect! Use the right title at the right time to negate the enemies title, or to bring the right effets at the right time. You can use these changes to change strategies on the fly and turn the tides of battle! (just make sure you keep your leader safe, ok?)
Now, remember how you’ve entered battle during a Hunt?

Look at that, the stat modifications of the enemy’s titles are doubled! This is because the time left on the hunt timer determines how much their titles stats are multiplied by!

Good thing you’ve also got the Auxo Pass, a move that can change the enemy team’s leader! Make the weakest enemy the leader, and quickly eliminate him, so that you can end the battle before ending up in hot water. 


Every character has a space on a timeline which determines when they can act, however they are not only fighting on the battlefield, but also outside on the very same timeline.That last attack you did moved the target a certain amount of spaces! As written on the attack’s move description, Yvonne’s physical attack moves the target 2 spaces back, Ethan’s attack moves them 1 space back (as do most enemies), but Emilie’s attack will keep them in place.And now, both an ally and foe are on the same space! So what happens when their turn is up?

This action is being Contested! Now, both actors are locked in a battle of attrition, seeing who can last the longest. They will then have their turns happen one after the other, over and over until the contest is over. The one who gets to act first is determined by, in order:

  • Leadership: if one is a leader, and the other isn’t, the leader goes first. 
  • Speed: the fastest one goes first.
  • Luck: the luckiest one goes first. 

The Contested mechanic will allow these two actors to act indefinitely. That way you, and the enemy, can come up with unique strategies relying on their predominant actions. You can use this opportunity locked with a weak or ineffective enemy to defeat the other foes, or heal and buff the rest of your team and find creative ways to win! Of course, this can also work to the advantage of the enemy, so pick your battles wisely …So, what if you want to break the contest and end the cycle? Many solutions are possible:

  • Attack the other timeline contestant. However this doesn’t work if they resist, nullify or absorb the attack you use.
  • Eliminate the other timeline contestant.
  • Or push them out of the current yellow zone, using timeline altering techniques.

The contestant who is ejected from the contest is then unable to act for the remainder of that turn.

When this icon pops up, then by targeting that enemy, you'll negate their turn.
When this icon pops up, then by targeting that enemy, you’ll negate their turn.

Use both of these mechanisms smartly, and you can get a big advantage over the enemies, especially since you can prevent certain enemies from attacking during a turn!