The Hegemone Pass Kickstarter is live! And a major v1.0 update to the demo has been released!

Click me to go to the Kickstarter Page!

You’ll be able to help us out with the future development of the game. If you like what you’re seeing, please, help us out!

If successful, this will allow us to finish the game within a year’s time and fund the music for the game. We’ll be working full-time on the project should this succeed.

In addition, the very first stretch reward is to make a Nintendo Switch port. We’re initiating talks at the moment to become eligible for Switch development, but showing public support will be helpful.

If you can’t pledge, then consider spreading the word around: on Twitter, YouTube, reddit… We will be deeply grateful!

Version 1.0!

In addition, we have just released a major update to the Hegemone Pass demo, version 1.0. There are many balance fixes, AI improvements, the script has been rewritten, more starting moves, a few bug fixes, and much more!

We suggest you check out the Patch Notes, and try the demo once again. It shouldn’t be as brutal as before, especially with access to a healing spell and a revive spell.

For helping us out, we’ll be giving out pledge rewards. For any pledge (1€ and above), you’ll be engraved in the Credits of the game. For 10€, you’ll get the PC Digital Version, and from 15€ upwards, you’ll get a Digital Version, which you can choose for either PC or Nintendo Switch (if stretch goal is reached).

You might have noticed our personal website ( has gotten one more makeover. It’s much more minor than last time… hold on, I still need to put the correct screenshots down there.

See you on Kickstarter!

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