I’m trying out something new this week. If it doesn’t seem to work out, I’ll return to somewhat regular weekly updates. In this format, I focus on a single feature at a time, with updates not always on Saturday.

When you explore the missions of Hegemone Pass, you’ll be interacting with a few gimmicks in the world that might hinder or help your progress in the mission. Today, we’ll be looking at the Leader Lock Zones, a strange area that forces your leader to switch to the leader matching the color of the zone. In addition, while inside this zone, you cannot switch your leader!


When you enter a red Leader Lock Zone, you can only play as Yvonne.


Go in a blue zone and you’re locked as Ethan, and in a yellow zone as Emilie.


The HUD will also display a lock icon when you are leader locked!2016-09-22


These zones have two intended purposes. The first reason is to force you to use their abilities to move forward. For example, a red leader lock zone surrounding a breakable rock forces you to try using Yvonne’s Ribbon Axe on the rock to break it. Mostly used for introducing new entities in the world, giving a hint about what character can interact with it.

The second reason would be as an obstacle. If a red or blue leader lock zone surrounds a fast conveyor belt going in the wrong direction, you are not able to use Emilie to outrun the conveyor, since you are not able to even use Emilie in that zone. Yvonne and Ethan can’t outrun this fast conveyor belt, so there is no way to go ahead…

However, you can deactivate leader lock zones if there are switches! To get by certain leader lock zones that act as obstacles. While disabled, you can switch leaders inside the field to use their abilities. If the zone goes back on while inside, you’ll switch back to the forced leader immediately.


Lastly, you need to avoid entering battle inside one of these zones. If you do fight inside one of them, your team will be unable to switch leaders inside the battle! Depending on your equipped titles and your current leader, it might be a big disadvantage, so exercise caution!

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