First details on Leader Switching

Today, I’m going to explain a bit more about Leader Switching.

Disclaimer: This is a copy of an update previously posted on the devlogs located on the Haxeflixel Forums and the TIGSource forums, with very minor tweaks. Please remember that these pictures of the game are not final, things might change later on… The game runs at 60fps, but the gifs are at 10fps.

hello! I'm Persephone!

First, a little reminder. You play as Persephone, trying to find and defeat Demeter. As a result, Yvonne, Ethan and Emilie are not the leader, Persephone takes that position. However, whoever is hosting Persephone inside them is considered the party’s leader.

Leader switch ui

On the field, you can switch your current leader when on land by pressing the leader switching buttons (bound to the E & R keys in the screenshot). This will make you switch your leader immediately to the character indicated in the HUD. This UI element was inspired by the Sonic Heroes team formation hud.

Switching leaders on the field allows you to do various things, but for today, I want to focus on leader switching in battle.


battle ui

battle ui

You switch leaders by using the Hegemone Pass command. This command can be used by any party member, and when used it will prompt you to choose the character who will be the leader. When the turn starts, the Hegemone Pass will switch your current leader to the designated ally. Anyone in your team can perform a Hegemone Pass, even when they are not leader, and in fact, you can perform multiple Hegemone Pass in a single turn, as it is a simple action like all the others.


You’ll notice that during a Hegemone Pass, Persephone herself gets out of the previous leader, and enters the new leader! If you look closely, the miasma eye that Persephone has is shared when Yvonne, Ethan or Emilie host Persephone, but disappears when Persephone is outside of them. It reappears only on the new leader!

When switching leaders, a short description shows up, generally reflecting the most important aspect of the title as well as its type (Leader, Team, Target, Fear).

While it’s nice to know the title’s effect on the fly, you can also check each unit’s title at the start of each turn so you can know their effects beforehand, regardless of their leader status.


When the enemies perform their own Hegemone Pass on their teammates, you’ll notice that Demeter is assisting them!… well, from afar. Demeter is much more powerful than her daughter in her current state, and can assist Persephone’s foes without being there, while Persephone has to physically be within the leader, and will be knocked out if the current leader is knocked out, rendering Persephone vulnerable to the Underworld under Demeter’s control.

But today, I’d like to introduce a new move in leader switching techniques…



The Auxo Pass allows you to switch your opponent’s leader to the designated target! One great thing you can do is switch their leader so that a title you can take advantage of is applied, making your fight easier! Or better yet, switch their leader to one of their weaker allies, and finish them off for a quick victory!

But beware! Some foes have the capabilities to do this to your team! Additionally, some enemies will counter your Auxo Pass by performing a Hegemone Pass back to their leader of choice, so be aware!

Currently, the only leader switching move that uses 0 SP to cast is the Hegemone Pass. I am still deciding on how much SP it would cost to use an Auxo Pass (also, debugging, so 0 SP in the screenshots). In addition, I do think I’ll tweak the animation so that you can at least discern who is initiating the Auxo Pass, since right now it does look a bit similar to the Hegemone Pass when seen without context. Maybe like a eye spark on the user with a camera pan to it before the animation?

select hegemone

all leader switching techniques are here

In addition, did you notice the command selection HUD? At the start of the game, you will only have access to the Hegemone Pass, to make sure players can understand the mechanics enough. When you obtain the Auxo Pass, the command name changes to Hegemone, and opening it will reveal a list of leader switching techniques.


shiny? needs work

More leader switching techniques can be found, but I’d like to keep them for another time. They can be obtained by finding some of Persephone’s Titles, upgrades that can be seen in the field of certain levels. These titles are called “minor titles”. They can grant you various upgrades, like lava walking, but also things like unlocking new Leader Switching abilities in battle.

locked leader!

One last thing of note! There might be certain encounters where the enemy leader is locked, and therefore, cannot be switched at all. They will always remain leader, no matter what. This is shown with a locked icon above the leader icon in battle.

Welcome to the Hegemone Pass website!


Welcome to the Hegemone Pass development log! This is a short introductory post regarding the game and it’s website. Please note that this website is still a work in progress, so there might be drastic changes to the design or overall structure of the site as we go further into development.

Hegemone Pass?

Hegemone Pass is a turn-based leader switching RPG with 2D platforming exploration! The special ability Hegemone Pass let’s you switch who is designated the “leader” on your team. The leader, thanks to their title, applies either specials benefits or negative effects to either their team or their opponents!



You play as Persephone, a goddess, who had her title of “Queen of the Underworld” stolen by Demeter, her mother and Goddess of Agriculture! Demeter seeks to capture and use Persephone in order to take over all of humanity and the heavens! With Demeter having full control over the Underworld, Persephone goes into hiding from her allies turned enemy. Sometime later, a distress summoning occurs, summoning her to the Surface to save three humans from an attack by the Hybreos Empire! Having saved Yvonne, Ethan and Emilie, they are ordered by Persephone to help her out with defeating Demeter. Brought down with her to the Underworld, the three help her out by collecting the five Order Flowers, in order to weaken and defeat Demeter!


To do this, Persephone resides inside either Yvonne, Ethan or Emilie, allowing them to manifest the power of their title and lead their team against the forces of the Underworld. Persephone can move in between Yvonne, Ethan or Emilie at any time to change which title she needs to activate to change their approach in battle. Their titles manifest different effects and affect either their team or their opponents, or can only affect their leader or the enemy leader, with positive or negative changes.



The game is structured into different missions. You select the mission you want to play, and then you are sent into a level for you to explore. The levels are structured like a classic platformer, where you can jump and attack. In a mission, you’ll be able to switch your leader on the fly to utilize their various abilities to get across obstacles. Enemy encounters can be seen on the field, and you can ambush them by utilizing your leader’s weapon! Hitting a foe or being hit by a foe will send you into battle. When you finish a mission, you will return to the Intermission.

More information on the game itself can be seen in the various pages of the Hegemone Pass website, so please do check it out in detail!


Development Log

This is the blog. In this section of the website, we will be releasing more information about various things regarding Hegemone Pass and it’s development. At the moment, we plan to release the game on PC at first. Eventually, we’ll also try targeting consoles, but we are focusing on PC at the moment. We are making the game with Haxe & HaxeFlixel. We have the core mechanics of the game done. What we will need to focus on is the content of the game.

The game is mostly a solo project. We’ll try to get a music composer on board for the in-game music, as well as a promotional artist for press releases and the “box art”.

All pictures shown above are not necessarily representative of the final product. You can also check my Twitter profile for quicker updates. In addition, you can also find a devlog on both the TIGSource forums and the Haxeflixel forums. We will be trying to post weekly, so do check back often!


Thank you very much for reading!