These last few changes are being done to make sure better gameplay in battle thanks to the new timeline, and from now on, the main thing I’ll be working on are mission design: level design, story, enemy encounters, balancing… The main game’s content, essentially.

New Timeline & Speed System

The big change is the new Timeline system: it’s now a fully fledged timeline. Each character’s speed stat now is more important now than ever, as it can grant an ally or foe an action before their foes!

Each character moves on the timeline from the right side of the bar and try to reach the left side of the bar as fast as possible. Whoever gets there first gets to act. When they do their move, they get sent back to the right end of the timeline, and try to reach the end once more. The speed at which they go through the timeline is entirely based on their speed stat.

Now, titles that can affect the speed stat are now more important than ever, since as soon as the title takes effect, their new speed allows them to move faster on the timeline!

This new order system also abandons the turn infrastructure, so status conditions that worked on a turn end basis don’t work like that anymore. Instead, status conditions work and cure when the inflicted target get their turn.

Another thing from this is that hitting weaknesses of a foe will push their turn back a bit, while hitting a resistance will bring them closer. And as a result of this, there is a new resistance type that exists for Team and Leader titles: Counter, where the target takes normal damage, but the target can immediately act afterwards.

Small Numbers

As opposed to at most 3 digits for stats, the game now has at most 2 digits for stats (except for enemy HP, more specifically, bosses). This simplifies game balancing by making each stat point more meaningful for attacks, defense, and so on. Less is more.

This change also includes the way leveling up works. It’s now akin to how leveling in Fire Emblem works: each party member gets 1 point per stat, based on chance. This probability varies thanks to the character’s stat growth value. For example, Yvonne has 80% attack growth, so every level up her attack stat has an 80% chance to go up by 1. Meanwhile, she only has a 35% odds for her magic stat to go up by 1. Before the level up change, each character leveled up in a linear fashion, based off a character’s base stat.

Because of this small change, this leads to some larger changes: as each number is smaller but more meaningful, percentages buffs are harder to balance. As a result…

Additive Titles & Flowers

The stat changing part of titles now give an additive boost (+, –) and not a percentage boost (+%, -%). The reason for this change was because the titles were worthless at early levels, and could be overpowered at higher levels.

Now every point difference can drastically change the outcome of certain attacks, or even the whole battle!

I’ve also modified the flower stats. Flowers now have to grant fewer points than before. As a result, the “synergy” system now grants additive points and not a percentage boost.

Fast & Free Hegemone Pass

Another tweak is that the Hegemone Pass is now a free action! It will not use up a turn anymore. A new interface to target your desired leader is also shown, which shows in detail which title each member has equipped.

Title Particles

Finally, a small visual update, but titles now emit a unique particle animation surrounding the affected group of characters. It’s easier to understand how the titles are affecting the battle thanks to these effects.

Intermission Update

Another small change is the Intermission. I’ve originally planned it to be a singular, unchanging hub, set inside a house.

Because of story changes, I’ve scrapped the singular house idea. Now you’ll be hiding in a different area of the underworld, based on your last mission. Now there is no safe, always available house for the team to run to anymore. The team has to keep moving, but they do take temporary breaks in safer areas.

The intermission matches the current level aesthetics, and differing layouts instead of one layout. However, they are mostly fairly straightforward, as they serve as an intermission, not an actual level or mission.

Website Redesign

One thing I’m starting to do is a website redesign. The goal is to remake all important pages to bring them up to speed. This is to make sure there is a coherent website when the game will get its first trailer, press release, etc…

The website theme is still a work in progress.


Many problems have occurred in real life, which delayed this post from being posted in October… But anyways, I’m back on track and I am working hard to get the game further along! Anyway, sorry for the long delay of any information… I’ll be more active from now on, promise! 😀

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