This week’s update will talk about how you get new titles in Hegemone Pass! It will be essential, so pay attention!


First, a quick recap about titles.

  • A title acts as an equipment for each character. The title’s powers take effect once the owner of that title becomes the leader in battle. All your allies and foes have one equipped.
  • A title can affect different targets based on its type: Team affects positively your team, Leader greatly affects positively your leader, Fear affects negatively the enemy team, and Target greatly affects negatively the enemy leader.
  • A title can improve stats, add resistances, and a beneficial special effect. It can also weaken stats, add weaknesses, and have a negative special effect. It’s based on the type of title, generally. Fear and Target titles cannot affect resistances.
  • By switching your leader, the old leader’s title is not in effect any more, and the new leader’s title comes into effect.

You can improve your battle strategy by equipping titles that go well with your other party members.

But how do you get new titles? In normal circumstances, a title is granted to you by gods, demigods, heroes, or an entire population for having done a recognizable act that lives on with the soul. Everyone has at least one title, no matter how basic it is. Yvonne, Ethan and Emilie, like most of the young and inexperienced, only have a basic title given to them based on the position in their tribe.

However, while in the Underworld, there is another way to obtain new titles for themselves…



With Demeter ruling the Underworld, the rules that applied under the reign of Persephone no longer apply. As a result, stealing titles has become a common occurrence in the Underworld. Persephone, having her own title stolen by Demeter, can recognize stolen titles easily. Stolen titles don’t belong to the owner. They are physically represented by a dark butterfly. Normal titles are physically represented by coloured butterflies, with the colour it bears reflecting the title’s type (Red – Team, Blue – Leader, Green – Fear, Purple – Target).


In order to get new titles, you must find an enemy carrying a stolen title, and defeat the enemy while they are the leader of their team! It is relatively simple.


Once you defeat the leader, the stolen title’s colour will be restored. And Persephone will give the title to the one best suited for it, who will be the only one who can equip it. You can equip it right away if you wish, but you can change your equipped title at any time in the main menu.


If you defeat a foe with a stolen title, but they were not the leader, don’t worry! For every enemy of the same type you defeat, the odds of encountering the enemy with the stolen title increases! With a bit of persistence, you will be able to retrieve a stolen title without to much effort!

In the future, there will be a way to track down foes who have stolen titles. I’m still working on this feature…


And that’s about it for this week! Next week’s update will be a small one. I am now hard at work on getting the game ready for an announcement trailer and a press release!

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