Disclaimer: The story, characters, and locations are all inspired from Greek Mythology, though a certain amount of artistic licence has been taken with the premise and conclusion.

The myth

From birth, Core has been sheltered and protected from the world by her mother, Demeter, the Goddess of the Harvest. She would devote herself to her training, using her powers to bloom the flowers when she touches them. Though many would have sought after her, Demeter isolated her from the outside world, her mother being the only one Core could be with…One day, she was taken to a meadow of sparse grass, a plain where no flowers would bloom. Demeter then gave her a mission for which she was trained for: bloom flowers on this infertile land.Core was finally tasked to do it alone, Demeter giving her daughter some space, and she would await her return… As she was about to start, she spotted a lone flower. Intrigued by this odd plant, she approached it. Core was then shocked when it transformed into Hades, the King of the Underworld!

The young Core, feels like she fell in love with the smitten king, believing that it is love at first sight. Hades asked that she becomes his bride and come with him to the Underworld as his Queen. Livid, Demeter came back and tried to stop Core from leaving her, but Core didn’t listen to her mother and stepped into the portal to the Underworld with her new husband. So as to become, once on the other side, the Queen of the Underworld.

The new Queen was coronated to the sound of cheering crowds, filled with joy that their king has found a spouse. The souls dwelling in the Underworld welcoming her with praise and kindness.As a symbol of this event, Core would bear a new name. Her birthname.And so she would be called Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. and she would rule alongside her beloved King.All the while, Demeter would fall into despair…

Six months later…

As Persephone donned a new outfit, Hades had to leave for an unknown reason, and left Persephone alone in the Palace, to rule in his place.

And then, mere moments later, Demeter launches an attack on the Underworld.

Demeter, using the power of the Order Flowers, steals the title of her own daughter, the “Queen of the Underworld” supreme title. Yet, she seems to give surprisingly little importance to the well-being of the daughter right in front of her. Persephone, severely weakened, used what’s left of her strength to run away from her own castle, so as to escape Demeter’s army.

The Order Flowers then flew up to the sky and scattered to the four corners of the Underworld. Now, Demeter rules as “Queen of the Underworld” with her army, the Eleusinian Mysteries. Demeter and the Eleusinian Mysteries are now searching for Hades and want to strip him of his “King of the Underworld” title with the power of the Order Flowers. When both titles are in the hands of Demeter, she will be able to free all the souls of the Underworld, wrongly separated from their loved ones… Hoping that one day too, she could reunite with her daughter, who she believes is taken hostage and brainwashed…

As for Persephone, now title-less, she has lost all of her power, except for one: the power of the Hegemone. A blessing that empowers the titles of mortals to compete against the divine. Forced to fight against the citizens of her kingdom, she and the mortals who accompany her: Yvonne, Ethan and Emilie, must use her powers to find the Order Flowers and use them to take back her title from her mother. Can Persephone overthrow her own mother and reclaim her title, or will she see her kingdom and husband perish?