Drafting Missions & Story

Hey all! I'm back with some more progress on the game... Title Screen Update First of all, there's a new title screen (and also a developer logo I'll be showing off another day)! There are a few nice things about this title screen: The leader in the front is different every time. It can be … Continue reading Drafting Missions & Story

Challenge Gates! Locked Doors and Powers!

Hello! A few things were done since my last post, all related to the exploration parts of the game. Locked Doors & Keys Originally, there were keys in the game. However, they served no purpose gameplay-wise, except for the fact that certain missions had the objective of finding them all to clear the mission. I'm … Continue reading Challenge Gates! Locked Doors and Powers!

Stolen Titles : Obtaining new Titles

This week's update will talk about how you get new titles in Hegemone Pass! It will be essential, so pay attention! TITLES First, a quick recap about titles. A title acts as an equipment for each character. The title's powers take effect once the owner of that title becomes the leader in battle. All your allies and foes have one equipped. A title can … Continue reading Stolen Titles : Obtaining new Titles

First details on Leader Switching

Today, I’m going to explain a bit more about Leader Switching. Disclaimer: This is a copy of an update previously posted on the devlogs located on the Haxeflixel Forums and the TIGSource forums, with very minor tweaks. Please remember that these pictures of the game are not final, things might change later on... The game runs … Continue reading First details on Leader Switching