Intermission reworks, start of content development!

Long time no see!

First of all, I am terribly sorry for not having posted anything formal on the website. I had a two month period where I had a lot of real-life work to do, and the rest of the time during this silence was doing a lot of backend, such as bug fixing, and optimization here and there. Most importantly, I’ve also completed during that time both an attack choreography editor (battle animations) and a cut-scene editor, to speed up their creation. After all, who would want to edit large JSON files with lots of empty lines to just create a single cut-scene? Not me, that’s for sure.

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New Obstacle: Leader Lock Zones

I’m trying out something new this week. If it doesn’t seem to work out, I’ll return to somewhat regular weekly updates. In this format, I focus on a single feature at a time, with updates not always on Saturday.

When you explore the missions of Hegemone Pass, you’ll be interacting with a few gimmicks in the world that might hinder or help your progress in the mission. Today, we’ll be looking at the Leader Lock Zones, a strange area that forces your leader to switch to the leader matching the color of the zone. In addition, while inside this zone, you cannot switch your leader!

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Working on: Chapter 1 Level Design

Today’s update is not going to be major. I have been hard at work on making the first chapter of the game, but it is nowhere near close to being done. So, today I’m going to just showcase what exactly I have done this past week. This week, I was mostly making the level design of the first chapter, but I did significant updates to the tile sets of both areas used inside of chapter 1.


First of all, we updated the background for the city levels. The lava has been simplified, and the city in the background has much more red than before, making the city reflect more it’s status as a capital city of the Underworld. It’s a lively place to be in. In contrast to the background, the ground and walls are blue and cold, as it’s just outside of the city. It’s still part of the city, but it’s merely the suburbs.


Posters of Demeter are all over the walls, as well as Wanted Posters for Persephone. There are different posters in the city too!

2016-08-20 (2)

Here’s a showcase of a new entity in the game! A breakable rock! Yvonne can break these rocks using her Ribbon Axe.

2016-08-20 (3)

During the later parts of the Chapter 1, you’ll be venturing farther outside from the city. It’s what most people think of when they think of the Underworld! The uninteresting areas of the Underworld look like this. It’s kind of like the countryside, but a lot more sour. By the way, those spikes will deal great damage to the current leader. Luckily, you cannot be KO’ed on the field!

2016-08-20 (4)

I haven’t shown it here, but the majority of the Underworld’s “countryside” has lava, and I did update the design of the lava.

And that’s all for this week! I’ll be working hard to make as much progress on Chapter 1 as possible. It’s going to be the main area I use to create the announcement trailer.

Welcome to the Hegemone Pass website!


Welcome to the Hegemone Pass development log! This is a short introductory post regarding the game and it’s website. Please note that this website is still a work in progress, so there might be drastic changes to the design or overall structure of the site as we go further into development.

Hegemone Pass?

Hegemone Pass is a turn-based leader switching RPG with 2D platforming exploration! The special ability Hegemone Pass let’s you switch who is designated the “leader” on your team. The leader, thanks to their title, applies either specials benefits or negative effects to either their team or their opponents!



You play as Persephone, a goddess, who had her title of “Queen of the Underworld” stolen by Demeter, her mother and Goddess of Agriculture! Demeter seeks to capture and use Persephone in order to take over all of humanity and the heavens! With Demeter having full control over the Underworld, Persephone goes into hiding from her allies turned enemy. Sometime later, a distress summoning occurs, summoning her to the Surface to save three humans from an attack by the Hybreos Empire! Having saved Yvonne, Ethan and Emilie, they are ordered by Persephone to help her out with defeating Demeter. Brought down with her to the Underworld, the three help her out by collecting the five Order Flowers, in order to weaken and defeat Demeter!


To do this, Persephone resides inside either Yvonne, Ethan or Emilie, allowing them to manifest the power of their title and lead their team against the forces of the Underworld. Persephone can move in between Yvonne, Ethan or Emilie at any time to change which title she needs to activate to change their approach in battle. Their titles manifest different effects and affect either their team or their opponents, or can only affect their leader or the enemy leader, with positive or negative changes.



The game is structured into different missions. You select the mission you want to play, and then you are sent into a level for you to explore. The levels are structured like a classic platformer, where you can jump and attack. In a mission, you’ll be able to switch your leader on the fly to utilize their various abilities to get across obstacles. Enemy encounters can be seen on the field, and you can ambush them by utilizing your leader’s weapon! Hitting a foe or being hit by a foe will send you into battle. When you finish a mission, you will return to the Intermission.

More information on the game itself can be seen in the various pages of the Hegemone Pass website, so please do check it out in detail!


Development Log

This is the blog. In this section of the website, we will be releasing more information about various things regarding Hegemone Pass and it’s development. At the moment, we plan to release the game on PC at first. Eventually, we’ll also try targeting consoles, but we are focusing on PC at the moment. We are making the game with Haxe & HaxeFlixel. We have the core mechanics of the game done. What we will need to focus on is the content of the game.

The game is mostly a solo project. We’ll try to get a music composer on board for the in-game music, as well as a promotional artist for press releases and the “box art”.

All pictures shown above are not necessarily representative of the final product. You can also check my Twitter profile for quicker updates. In addition, you can also find a devlog on both the TIGSource forums and the Haxeflixel forums. We will be trying to post weekly, so do check back often!


Thank you very much for reading!